Episode 1 - Light it up

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Episode 1 - Light it up

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On your way home from school, you challenge your friend to a game of hide and seek.

Suddenly you find yourself sucked into the mysterious world of Terratronic. 

Will you uncover its secrets and make your way out?

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    Episode 1 - Light it up

    Regular price $45.00
    Regular price Sale price $45.00


    Online Learning Platform

    While your children are tinkering with hands-on projects, they are supported by our unique online learning platform: 
It guides your kids’ journeys through our curriculum, monitors accomplishments, and offers ideas for further experimentation and creation.

    Why You’ll Love Labbox

    Fun & Engaging

    Education is good, but even better when it’s entertaining! With our monthly plans your kids never run out of playful lessons captivating their creativity.

    Innovative Materials

    All our products are designed by professionals and consist of sustainable, reusable materials destined for longevity and safe experimentation.

    Satisfaction guaranteed

    We deliver internationally within 7-14 days, depending on your location. The best: If you’re not happy with your project, we offer a full refund warranty!

    Parents interested in having their kids spend less time on the internet and more on learning experiences should see Labbox.

    It was a magical moment to see my daughter use Labbox to test an experiment from her physics book.

    Seeing small hands creating "big" projects is a special emotion. Help your kids develop skills in technology with Labbox.

    Labbox is going to revolutionize the way kids learn about technology! Learning through mistakes and by
    doing are the most productive educational methodologies out there.