Get access to 9 fun STEM experiences in one bundle


9 educational projects

Get access to a whole bundle of possibilities that open new horizons of creativity for the kids in your life! STEM experiments, exciting challenges, and engineering skills wait to be uncovered.

While learning

Improve Skills

Through their innovation process, your kids gain an increasingly better understanding of the world around them and progressively build up skills that set them up for future success


Guided Journeys

Our hands-on approach is navigated by a unique Online Learning Platform that monitors your child's progress in a child-friendly environment, motivating them to develop their skills.

Safe & Sound

The safety of kids interacting with our products is our top priority! All of our projects undergo rigorous testing to pass safety standards for their designed age group.

Fun & Engaging

Education is good, but even better when it’s entertaining!
With our bundle your kids never run out of playful lessons captivating their creativity.

Innovative & Unique

All our projects and building blocks are individually designed by professionals and consist of reusable materials destined for longevity while still being degradable.

Parents interested in having their kids spend less time on the internet and more on learning experiences should see Labbox.

It was a magical moment to see my daughter use Labbox to test an experiment from her physics book.

Seeing small hands creating "big" projects is a special emotion. Help your kids develop skills in technology with Labbox.