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Music Box Project

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to orchestrate your own music? Wonder less, as with our music box, you can do just that!

Get everything you need to build a Music Box and learn the science behind it.

With the Music Box project, kids will get introduced to the world of sensors, gears, distance sensors, servo motors 360 and torque. 

Concepts that are converted: 

  • What is a sensor
  • How do gears work
  • How to control motors with a distance sensor
  • What is a servo motor 360 and how does it work
  • Torque
The product includes:
1 x  Power USB
1 x  Distance Sensor
1 x  Servo Driver 
1 x Servo Motor 360
2 x Connection Stripes
1 x Cable USB
7 x Wires