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Before we book a meeting with you, we ask you to learn about how we structure learning experiences that aim to inspire your kids to become creators, and hopefully stay creators for life!

Labbox's library of electronics

You might have noticed, we have built a new library of electronics that enables every kid to experiment and build with electronics.

The library has been carefully designed to preserve the real-worldliness of electronics while providing the buffers for mistakes kids need when they are learning.

Electronics is very sensitive, and it doesn't like mistakes. 

Labbox's electronic blocks are built to handle mistakes, even more, each of the blocks in our library provides some feedback to help the troubleshooting process while kids are building their circuits.

To see what projects your kids can build with Labbox, check out our collections page (which is an ever-growing database of projects)

If you want to learn more about the blocks, check them out here.

How do learning plans work?

We understand that providing better tools is not gonna magically turn kids into creators.
That is why our focus extends to take great care of your kid's learning experience and we are here to help them through the journey.


#First: We want to understand more about your kid, so we invite you to book a consultation. 👇

We are interested to learn about your kid's preferences, things they care about, age, their understanding of technology, etc. 

#Second: Based on the information we get, we create and propose learning plans, with clear learning goals. The plans can be adjusted based on how much you want to engage your kids with engineering. Plans can be of lengths 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

#Last: We schedule the delivery for your kid's boxes, and you can sit down and let us handle learning. Your kids will receive boxes with everything they need to build projects and follow their progress through Labbox's gamified learning platform that will allow them to earn pointsgain badges, compare themselves to their peers, have 1-1 sessions with us when they need more help, and many more opportunities for them to enter and develop the mindset of an engineer


Independent of the learning plan you and your child choose, we make sure to provide an experiential learning opportunity (read more here) and every project is structured to walk your kids through the engineering design processThe engineering design process is a series of steps that engineers follow to come up with a solution to a problem (read more here)

See how a learning plan looks like here

We are looking forward to meeting you and the little one(s)