What soft skills can kids develop from STEM activities?

What soft skills can kids develop from STEM activities?

If you thought that STEM is beneficial only for kids who want to have a career in science, technology, engineering or maths, we want to tell you another side of the story.


Involving kids in STEM activities from an early age, not only helps them understand more about the world around them but also has a big impact on developing their soft skills.
 As you might know from your personal experience, soft skills are as important as hard skills when it comes to the workplace and life.

“A study on the analysis of 142,000 job descriptions found that, “oral and written communication, collaboration and problem-solving are the most highly requested 21st century skills in the workplace.” 
So for all the parents who are interested in helping their kids develop some of these highly requested 21st skills we want to show you just a few of them that can be developed through STEM.

Interdisciplinary Skills

    Let’s begin with interdisciplinary skills. When kids are exposed, get to work or learn about science, tech, engineering and math it will help them understand and develop the interdisciplinary method of learning. 
    The interdisciplinary method of learning will also make them understand the real world on the premise that the world is complex and messy. 

    Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

      When working with STEM projects, kids are challenged to use their imagination and the knowledge they get towards problem solving.

      They will be directed to critical thinking and every time they are faced with a challenge or a problem to analyze the problem and think about possible solutions.

      This will help kids gain a mindset of problem solving and not just giving up on every challenge or problem they’ll face during life or in their future workplace.


        Another very important soft skill kids develop while working with stem projects and activities is creativity. 

        Hand-on projects allow them to use their creativity and imagination to create real world projects and use their project for different purposes.

        Creativity is also one of top 7 most impotant soft skills to have in your future workplace according to  Indeed's Director of Recruiting, Mike Steinerd.


        So think about it if you want your child to be prepared for his/her future.


          STEM is all about experimentation, this is how learning happens here. We try to give kids the ability to experiment, try, and learn how things work, all in a practical way.
          While experimenting kids will be faced with failure, because not every time things work. 
          This way kids are prepared emotionally and mentally to deal with failure, to keep trying new methods or ways until they make it.
          Being able to deal with failure and to seek new methods of solution is a very important and healthy skill for everyone during life.



            In fact, self-confidence is more a mindset rather than a skill. But nowadays more than ever due to the ongoing development of every aspect of life, self -confidence is definitely a superpower.
            When working with kids in STEM one of the best moments is when you see the excitement and the confidence a kid can get every time he/she achieves something, or accomplishes a project he/she was working on.

            While talking to one of our clients she told us that for her, every time her daughter finishes any of these STEM projects or challenges she is assigned to, she builds up even more confidence in herself and that satisfaction she gets from these projects is amazing and something I want to keep on building on her.



              Communication is one of the most valuable skills of the 21st century.  Think of any influencer of successful people. Would they be this successful if they weren’t a good communicator. 

              You might have the best idea/project or anything but when you fail to communicate it the right way, it’ll be hard for others to understand or support you.

              Kids who work on STEM activities together learn to communicate and articulate ideas in a way that will be understandable and easy for others to help putting that idea into life.



              So if you found enough reasons here to engage your kids in STEM activities, we really encourage you to do so.

              If you need to consult with us about what activities or projects would work best for your kid, we would be happy to help.


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