Open Position: Production Manager

Open Position: Production Manager

Job Announcement: Production manager (1 position)

Time Commitment: Full-Time

Start Date: 05.07.2021 

About Labbox

Labbox is a company that offers products and services to inspire kids of ages 8+ for engineering. Labbox designs and produces hardware products that enable kids to build hands-on projects that work by providing them the opportunity to understand the science that makes them work. 

Labbox sells its products through e-commerce and also provides subscription services for parents and family members that want to encourage their kids in more creative work.

About the role

As a production manager, you’ll be responsible for production and delivery of physical products according to standards set by Labbox. Your main domain is the actual product being produced and the work being done to produce it. 

Your job will entail maintaining production processes and overall help with building the department of Production. The process of production includes procurement, scheduling of production work orders, working with the machines, assembling the final product, making sure that production work orders are completed on time, and ensuring that fulfillment is happening on schedule

This job requires you to be super organized and to love systems and procedures. You will be working closely with the CTO and mainly speaking english.


  • Critical! - Must be super organized and must love systems and procedures.
  • Must be very proficient at english
  • Must be very self driven and motivated
  • Must be excellent at working with others
  • Should be good at coaching and inspiring others
  • Must be an excellent communicator
  • Somewhat knowledgeable about electronics components, and excited to learn new things

Key tasks:

  • Sourcing of materials
  • Maintain inventory of all materials
  • Raw materials
  • Assemblies
  • Creating finished products
  • Scheduling production work orders
  • Ensure that production work orders are completed on time
  • Making sure that fulfillment is happening on schedule
  • Implementing better documentation systems for all parts of production
  • Ensuring that quality standards are always maintained


  • Fluent spoken and written English
  • Strong communication Skills
  • Strong work ethics

Employee Benefits:

  • Continuous professional development 
  • A friendly and success-oriented work environment 
  • Creative workplace with a supportive culture

Apply by filling in the information required in this link

Deadline for application: 30.06.2021

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