Happiness is up to us, here is what we can do to be happier!

March 20, 2020

Scientists have been doing some interesting research to better understand what makes us happy and why this is important

Our Happiness comes from three main areas:

  1. 50% comes from our genes
  2. 10% comes from our life circumstances
  3. 40% is totally up to us to control with good habits, attitude and outlook on life (this is great news because it means thee are lots of things we can do to make ourselves happier)

Research has found that happiness doesnt’ just make us feel good but has imporant benefits:

  • Happiness makes us healthier. It strengthens our immune system, which means we are less likely to get ill
  • Happy people have more friends, are more cooperative and are better liked by others
  • Happy people are more resilient when things are difficult and stressful

And to improve our happiness we can do things such as:

  • Practice gratitude
  • Being kind to and helping others
  • Being mindful (enjoying the present moment instead of thinking about the past or future)
  • Trying new things

And we would like to help you out with trying new things, so here is a list of cool things you can do:

1. Learn electronics – check out Labbox
2. Explore DIY projects and ideas you can do at home, and we suggest the following link


An interesting resource is also the Coping Calendar with 30 suggested actions to look after ourselves and each other as we face this global crisis together.

Here is to the Coping calendar:

And lastly, we want to remind you that we are all together so lets keep helping each other, being grateful for one another and thinking positive.


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