Keeping children enthusiastic these days – how will LabBox help you?

April 29, 2020

These days while most time home children need enthusiasm and new things more than ever.

LabBox is designed to offer a fun and practical learning experience on technology. With LabBox children will learn and experiment with electronics while creating different attractive projects on their own. While working with LabBox children will be able to incorporate new knowledge on electronics and technology, DIY method, creativity, imagination etc.

Here are some ideas of DIY projects kids can create with LabBox while in home:

Build a doorbell

All kids love these kinds of toys that create sound. Buzzer is our block that takes care of this. While using buzzer in their projects kids will be able to create projects that create sound. Doorbell is one of them, watch the video below for the instructions on how to create your own doorbell with LabBox.

Build a wire maze

How fun is building our favorite game to test who is more precise in our family. We will also use buzzer mention below in this project, but this time when you hear it buzzing its gonna be the signal that you lost the game. Give it a try 🙂

Here is the video tutorial:

Build a morse code machine

Did you heard before about these coded signal communications? Morse Code is exactly the language of communication with signals, and the fun part here is that with LabBox now you can create your own morse code machine.

Use your morse code machine to communicate secrete signals with your sister or brother 🙂

Build your own flashlight

Another project kids will be able to create with LabBox is flashlight. Everybody likes flashlights, now is your turn to create your cute one. We encourage you to be creative and use your imagination while creating other DIY projects with LabBox’s electronics.

If you would like to see your kid creating these and more attractive projects and explore the world of electronics with LabBox, order his/her LabBox now. 

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