On Children’s day this year it’s good to have some ideas on how to celebrate it

May 29, 2020

We celebrate Children’s Day on 1st June every year promoting this way childrens rights worldwide. This day like any others should be celebrated by childrens all over the world. This year doesn’t have to be an exception.

We’re happy to share with you some ideas on how to celebrate this day with your childrens:

Go camping or do a picnic

Everybody loves picnics, especially when you’ll have your favorite food prepared. Use this picnic or camping to make it all about your children and family time and needs. For much more fun make sure you’re bringing with you colors, sheets for painting, or whatever your children love to do with you on a beautiful day outside.

*Note: If you’re planing to go on a picnic or camping with anybody outside your family, please make sure you’re respecting the distance and all other COVID 19 safety measures.

Let’s get the party started 🙂

Yeeyy, who doesn’t love parties? Organize a home party for your kids full of music and dance. You can also have other activities on your party such as face painting, costume fashion show or anything that brings joy and laughter to your family. 🙂

*Note: If you’re planing to extend your party with anybody outside your family, please make sure you’re respecting the distance and all other COVID 19 safety measures.

Online events

We can all celebrate the 1st of June together. Look for online events happening on Children’s Day on social media. Even this year we can all celebrate this happy day by learning, parting, creating or playing together online.

Here’s an expample:LabBox is organizing his second online webinar: How to create electronic projects?, on Children’s Day. This webinar is online and free to join for children who wants to celebrate their day by creating and exploring the amazing world of electronics.

Do a movie marathon

This day we assure you’ll be asked for so many things by your kids, be prepared to have more options. Here’s another option on on what to do with kids this day. What about a movie marathon? It already sounds so relaxing and fun 😉

Here are some STEM movie recommendation from us, enjoy 🙂

Plant a tree

Taking care of our planet is everybody’s responsibilty. What about creating a family tradition when every 1st June together with your kids will plant a tree in your backyard, neighborhood or any place that you can and it’s suitable. It doesn’t always have to be a tree, you can also plant flowers, vegetables or anything else that is environmental friendly and helps in protecting our planet. This way you will create a very beautiful and very important family tradition which will have a positive impact on our society 🙂

Family photos?

When we mention traditions, what about a family photography every 1st June? At the end you’ll have a beautiful collection of different ways you celebrated the Children’s Day every year. You should create a space on your home for this collection to come.

Are you up for some game ideas?

Pantomime? Pantomimes are always so much fun, right? You can choose any category you’d like to play (and there are so many) and the stage is yours 🙂

Finding treasure

You’ll love this game because of its energy and adventure side. Be prepared for a pirate atmosphere. So practically you have to have something as your treasure and find a very good place to hide it from the little pirates. Take your time to hide it well. Now it’ll be time for your kids to be the pirates of the day and find that treasure of yours 🙂

To all the children in the world – Happy Children’s Day <3

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