New Challenge – How to build a racing car from recycling CDs

May 8, 2020

Okay, are you ready for a new challenge? How about building your little race car on your own?

You’ve got some CDs that you wanted to through away because no one is using them in your house? Well it’s time to be more creative and not just through things out (not only that you’ll be more protective of the environment) but to start using these CDs to create a really cool project.

Welcome to our challenge of auto racing cars made by recycled CDs. Let’s tell you what you’ll need for building your racing car:

  1. CD disc
  2. Rubber band
  3. Bottle cap
  4. Ice cream sticks

Don’t worry we’ve got the full process of how to build your race car covered in the video below:

Here you are, it is fun right?

Show us that you made it and how creative you were by sending your finished cars to our Facebook page or Instagram. You can also just tag us on your posts.

We’ll share the best videos 🙂

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