Kids activities you shouldn’t miss this summer!

July 9, 2020

Summer 2020 huh, how much are you prepared to enjoy this year summer with your kids?

Well summer is all about fun and relax. Although one thing you should avoid is letting your kids get too passive and bored through this time.

So here we come with some awesome ideas and advices on how to have a summer full of activities, fun, relax, adventures, attractive learning and exploring.

Try outdoors activities

We recommend hiking or camping

Exploring nature is always so much fun and adventure. Try to explore these ares near your zone or any not so visited place, because there is always so much to see and enjoy. 

According to your preferences organize together with your kids one day in camping or hiking. Try to include them throughout all the process, like picking together the place you want to visit or while packing your meal and other things you might need on your trip. By including them in the process form the beginning to the finish kids will feel much more excited and happy for the trip.

We want to propose you a recently created hiking group because they’re organizing so many great outdoors activities and you might want to check on them: Butterfly Outdoor Adventure

Check on summer programs

Summer has to be a great experience so kids will remember. Try getting them engaged on different summer programs in order so they will be able to learn and have fun with others and make friends along the way. We would like to recommend you a very diverse and amazing summer program on technology by jCoders Academy.

Summer in jCoders and LabBox is always full of adventures, experiments and exploring, learning while having fun and different cute challenges for your kids.

The whole program is online, due to the situation we’re in right now. What is special for this program is that the whole program is based on giving kids an unforgettable gamification learning experience and make them feel part of the community while at home. There are several programs they’re offering so check which one is more suitable for your kids.

Also, check on other summer programs to you find atractive for your kids 🙂

Try gardening with your kids

We all, but kids the most like when they build or create something that is useful and beautiful. Try based on your options to build a cute garden with your kids. Plant any vegetables, fruits, flowers that you prefer to have, try to create this beautiful green area on your home. Use this activity to teach and show your kids in practice more about nature, environment, plants, fruits and vegetables and the way of living and eating healthy.

We highly recommend practical learning (where’s possible), because this is the best way to for kids to learn and practice this though their life.

DIY projects and crafts

DIY projects and crafts where kids got to create something interesting and beautiful on their own increase their creativity and build a way of thinking where they try to find different problem solutions. Encourage them to work and develop this skill because it’s a highly valued skill which will need in their future.

Try to provide them with these materials and products that encourage critical thinking, creativity, DIY, problem solving and learning while having fun.


Make your children a space where he/she has everything needed to have fun while creating and learning and being unbothered if she/he is making a “mess”. Let that be the creativity corner 🙂

Reading in summer

We all want to be very relaxed while summer, but be careful to not let your kids get in that passive and boredom phase these times.

Try to read everyday something interesting and not boring with your kids, If you see you kid is passionnant and very interested in one topic, now is the best time to explore more on this topic together, while he/she is more free from the school homework.

For example if your kid is very interested on science, innovation, innovators, discoveries, buy them an interesting kids book on this field, read together. Watch any documentaries or movies about science or an famous scientist anything that will give him/her more information on what he/she is interested. Teach them to do some research on what are curious about.

We also recommend to look about online programs or reading clubs, you might find something that works very well for your kids.

Curiosity and passion is what drives us on deeper knowledge and development. Pay attention to them 🙂

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