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Flashlight Project

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As you are wandering around the forest and exploring, you’ll need a flashlight! Build your own with your Labbox kit, and chase those monsters away as the greatest explorer to have ever lived! 

Get everything you need to build a Flashlight and learn the science behind it.

With the Flashlight project, your kids will be able to understand atom structure and the movement of electrons, electrical current, electricity, open and closed circuits and how to control the circuits. 

Concepts that are converted: 

  • Movement of electrons
  • Electricity
  • How electrical current flows
  • What is the difference between open and closed circuits
  • How to add control to your circuits
The product includes:
1 x  USB power block (including USB cable) 
1 x  Power Bank
1 x  Push Button
1 x White LED
1 x Red Wire
2 x Blue Wire