Creativity in children – here are some tips on how to encourage it!

April 30, 2020

Today on International Creativity and Innovation Day we want to share with you some tips on how important is creativity for kids and how to encourage it.

Creativity is the ability to think for original ideas and do the work for these ideas to come to life. Using their creativity people no matter the age are able to come up with ideas and solutions of different problems which will impact the society and the world we live in.

Here are some ways on how to encourage creativity in your children:

Foster critical thinking in your child

Practice to ask children for their opinion on different and also difficult topics. It will make them think more of the topic and this way will gradually build their own opinions on topics. Be careful to not impose your way of thinking while asking them for their opinion, you can then discuss your opinions, but first let him be bold on his/her opinion.

Give children freedom to be theirselvs

Let him/her be different, children are the best creators when they are free to express their true selves. Give them space, in order for them to be able to develop creativity and get to know what they’re good in, which will help them in their future. 

Help them build a problem solving mindset

One of the most rated skills that will help them through out life is having a problem solving mindset. Help them build this mindset by encouraging to think of possible solutions on different problems they face. Further more on building a problem solving mindest can help educational tools which challenge children to think and find solutions to different problems.

Foster curiosity

As we know curiosity is the key to learning and gain knowledge. Always find ways to foster their curiosity. Don’t be hard on them if they’ve got questions always for everything, or are interested in everything, remember this is their way of growing and learning.

Help them be confident and bold

To express your creativity or to start creating something from scratch, you must be confident on yourself. Being confident and bold on what they do is a quality that will serve them well in their future. Encourage your child to believe in him/herself that is capable to try, experiment, create or even fail. All of these are the necessary steps in the path of learning, creating and growing, so make sure you’ll explain them that even failure is part of their process of getting better on something.

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