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June 10, 2020

Become LabBox’s brand ambassador

Hey thank you for your interest on being our brand ambassador

Labbox is a STEM educational tool for everyone who wants to learn how technology, programming, electronics work. With Labbox you will develop your creative skills on these fields and be able to use technology to create big things. 

If you are passionate about learning how to use technology, electronics, programming to create or come up with solution to different problems so, then Labbox is for you.

Your benefits as a Labbox’s brand ambassadors👇
  • 🔸 Free training on how to use and create with our products.
  • 🔹 Access to our prototypes
  • 🔸 50% discount on all our products (exclusive only to our ambassadors)
  • 🔹 First users: As a Labbox’s brand ambassadors you’ll be the first to get our products with 50% discount.
  • 🔸 You’ll be able to create a wide number of people who will follow you as we will promote you on all our social media as an ambassador. 
Apply using this link:
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