Rreth Nesh

November 27, 2019

Labboxi i dizajnuar nga klaset tona!

From 2015 our team has been committed to teach kids technology. We used a lot of different products in the market to give a learning experience to our students, who ranged in ages from 8 to 18. What we experienced led us to see the gap in the tools and products that were in the market, that promised to teach kids STEM.

Problem: In our experience the landscape of products in the market ranged from products that made things extremely easy for kids, to a point that they disabled us to teach our curriculum, while other products like Arduinos and Raspberry Pi were fragile and not appropriate for kids to use, especially while they were learning where a lot of mistakes where necessary to happen.

Solution: With a highly motivated team of engineers, designers and educators we decided to build a new library of electronics. A library that will support learning electronics and programming languages. Our goal was to build a library of electronics that:

  1. Is easy to connect
  2. Works like real world electronics, so it can support our STEM curricula
  3. Has tolerance to mistakes which we knew will empower experimentation

We took a look at all the electronics modules we were using in our clasroom: Leds, Buzzers, Resistors, Sensors, Switches, Motors, Micro controllers and rebuild each electronic piece to make it appropriate for kids.

This new library of electronics now has around 27 electronic building blocks and each of the blocks have these added features:

  1. Magnetic connections – That make connecting the blocks very easy and fun
  2. Protective circuits – Each block is protected, therefore they provide the necessary tolerance to allow mistakes and to support experimentation
  3. Real world components – Every block represents one real world electronic component, therefore learning how one block of Labbox works maps perfectly with learning real world electronics
  4. Feedback indicators – Every block has color coded indicators that light up when mistakes are made. This way each block reminds our young users of the rules that make the block work, and reinforce learning.

The overall design and features of the blocks in the library of Labbox make them highly suitable to be used by kids at home or in any educational environment.

We strongly believe that fear of mistakes should be omitted early on, and kids should be taught that learning happens when then try, make mistakes, reflect and finally learn.

Today we are making this new, highly effective library of electronics available through Labbox. Even more, to offer a scaffolding approach to learning, we at Labbox have structured a complete curriculum that starts by getting to know basic electronics and moves to more complex system building using sensors, data and code. This broad experience with technology, we believe will empower kids to develop the skills and mindset to become true problem solvers.

To provide a learning journey that allow kids to grow their knowledge and experience with technology the products of Labbox are offered into episodes of boxes, each episode focused on teaching certain technology concepts required to be able to build real world projects.

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