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We deliver STEM projects your kids will love to build and learn the science that makes them work.

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Do you know that by 2030, 700 million jobs will be lost to robotics?

The urgency to master technology has never been higher! Shaping an engineering mindset will be an advantage for kids to grow into successful adults!

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The joy kids express when they make something work, is what drives us! 

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Our goal is to inspire your kids to become creators, and stay creators for life!

We take it to heart to provide learning opportunities that will prepare kids for a successful future. The time we live in today, known with many names like computer age, digital age, 4th industrial revolution, they all point to technology as a key ingredient that is shaping our world.
As far as education goes, we understand that kids are not getting hands-on opportunities to learn how to create with technology and we are doing our best to provide these opportunities to kids anywhere they are.
Labbox has been created to celebrate kids' natural curiosity and prepare them for the future by instilling experiential learning and shaping their minds to think and solve problems like an engineer.

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