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Labbox: tools, lesson plans and training for STEM activities.

LabBox for Schools

While teaching around 700 kids electronics and programming we have felt all the pains teachers have in bringing an effective STEM learning experience in their classrooms.
Problems like Ineffective curriculum’s, very technical products and hardware that never clicks with the classroom setting, are just a few to name.
From a teacher to a teacher, LabBox is designed to aid, guide and improve the overall experience of learning technology in a setting that is comfortable for both teacher and student, through a curriculum that encourages problem-based learning and unleashes creativity.

Get tools and lesson plans

Improve the learning curve in STEM classes

Receive constant support and new projects through LabBox subscriptions for schools

More than 100+ kids learn and play with Lab Box

Step 1

Kids read the comic book and learn new concepts in technology

Step 2

Kids build projects based on the story in the comic book and understand the potential of technology

Step 3

Show their creation to family and friends, learn about more projects from the website or invent their own

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